The Task & Charities

The Task is to walk to the 4 Sharp Corners or to be more precise the four intermediate cardinal points of the British Mainland.  During the 4 walks Peter Gatenby will be collecting for the following charities: There will be one pot split equally 3 ways.  Soundabout was launched in 1995 in Oxford with the aim of empowering school staff working with children and young people with special needs to make music interactively with their pupils with severe and complex disabilities. The enthusiastic response to this project by both pupils and school staff suggested that a permanent staff training programme would be welcomed in schools across the UK. In December 1997 Soundabout was officially founded as an independent charity.

Since then, Soundabout has blossomed and is now a national charity that has pioneered the use of music, rhythm and sound to give even the most disabled children and adults a voice, a way to express themselves and be listened to.  Sense Scotland was formalised as a charity in 1985. It grew quickly, from its beginnings as a small group of families pressing for services for their children, who were affected by deafblindness, many because of maternal rubella. Since then, the organisation has gone on to successfully support thousands of disabled people and their families, in thousands of projects and services, throughout Scotland.

Christ Church Henton This is the church that has supported Peter on all his walks and so to help with the cost of the redevelopment programe, to install vital facilities to bring this well loved and vibrant church into the 21st century, a share of the money raised will be allocated to this cause. More details can be found on the benefice website at