Maps for Schools

During the Extremities walks a map  was available to any school which would like to follow the progess of the walks or utilise the hundreds of ideas, historical and georaphical information, or projects suggested for each of the 156 days of the walks. These maps which show the whole of the United Kingdom were produced not just with all counties, towns, main roads and rivers, but in red indicated where the furthest North, South, East, or West  points are, as well as the start point of the village of Henton.  There are still over 100 of these maps available they are laminated and measure 85cm wide by 123cm high and are worth over £30 each but are free to any school just email with you address etc..

Up until now even the postage was covered but from now on while Peter is happy to let any school have one (or even two) a suggested donation of £8 towards the charities being supported is recommended.

So to all teachers, govenors or perhaps youth club leaders just send a note of your details including name of school and who to post to and a map will be dispatched. Note they come in a carboard tube which will not go through a letter box.

Send an email now to