About the walk

Peter Gatenby has already walked to the four cardinal points and now 5 years later is going to walk to the four intermediate cardinal points.
He will start in his 74th year, that is 2017 with a walk to the south-west point and continue in 2018 to the remaining three of south-east, north-east, and north-west.

While no definitive list of intermediate points can be discovered {Unlike theextremities.co.uk} these points have been decided as:

South-West Gwennap Head: Cornwall, a few miles below Land’s End Starting on 19th April 2017 from Henton, Somerset it is about 197 miles there and another 197 miles arriving back on May 19th .

South-East South Foreland: Kent, a few miles NE of Dover just south of St Margaret’s Bay Starting on 4th April 2018 arriving on 21st April having walked at least 222 miles.

North-East Duncansby Head: Caithness, just east of John O’ Groats Starting on 1st May I walk a mere 21.5 miles from Thurso taking 2 days.

North-West Cape Wrath: Highland, miles from anywhere! Starting From Weigh Inn Thurso on 3rd May I walk 94.5 miles in 7 days to arrive at the Cape Wrath Lighthouse on Wednesday 9th May (This date could be delayed by weather and tides on the Kyle of Durness)